closeup photo of pink petaled flower
Photo by Dima Viso on Pexels.com

You were thought of,before the foundations of the earth,

He instrisically wove you together from man’s rib,

That’s where you acquired your name wo-man,

You were beautiful to behold in his sight,

At the thought of you He knew Had created a channel of life-giving,

You would be a naturer to mankind

Woman how Graced you are

With Strength you raise a generation

You aren’t little or insignificant

You are worth more than any earthly accolade

So arise and shine for your feminity is an expression of beauty and not a weapon of enemity.


Beautifully Graced

shallow focus photography of string lights
Photo by Dzenina Lukac on Pexels.com

She’s beauty in all she is

You’re his favourite thing he made

Full of love and creativity he created you

Yes you will make mistakes

There’s no shame in that

Let that not define you

For you are more than that

For you are a gem and priceless you are

For you are a lily in His garden of Grace

Where anything can grow

And anything can be natured into wholeness.